Sometimes you don’t even need to look on the top shelf in the kitchen to know when you downsize, what is there will probably go. Think for a minute what is on the top shelf in your kitchen cupboards. Do you even remember?

How many of us must bring over a dining room chair to climb up to see what is there?

Look and ask yourself, when was the last time I used those glasses? Do the baking tins still get used? When will I ever use these Rubbermaid storage containers? Those “vintage” glasses were fun when we were younger, but there is a good reason why they are out of reach, out of sight.

The kitchen is to some, like the garage is to others. The notion you should hang on to something “just in case” can be an obstacle to downsizing. Realistically, you want to consider the last time you used the item. What is the probability you will use it in the near future? Is it high enough to warrant the journey to the new residence?

One needs to be ruthless when downsizing. That is easier said than done. It can be very tough.

So, what do you do?

Have a friend come over to help and let them pack the “no longer used” items in a box to take to the thrift store. The pain won’t be quite as high.

Another suggestion, get rid of most of what you have. You may have been using it for decades. Reward yourself with new glassware and dishes. They aren’t terrible expensive, and it will be a nice addition to your new home, part of the new chapter if you will.

For a week or two, make a note of what you do use and how often. This may give you a reality check of what you need as opposed to what you think you need.

If the kids live close by. Ask them if there is any thing they might want. Those vintage glasses with the song lyrics on the side, they might just say yes because it reminded them of Grandpa!

Even if your new kitchen is similar in size to what you have now, a little less clutter in the kitchen is always a good thing!