Moving Granny!

As we began building this website, conversations with others would ask, why Granny?  Why not Grandma? That is what I called my grandmother. I guess we never really appreciated just how many names are out there for grandmother.

I had a Grandma as well as a Nana. When I married into a German family, I inherited an Omi and Uromi. 

Any Greek grandsons or granddaughters would be saying Yaya which has to be one of the best names for a grandmother. Think about it, a grandparent’s responsibility is to spoil their grandkids, if you asked for something from Yaya, for sure she would say ya ya.

If you are Italian, you’d 100% be saying Nonna. The French would be calling out to Mémé  (short for the more formal Grand-mère). If I was Ukrainian, I would expect my Baba to fuss over me. If I was from the southern United States I might hear Mawmaw which is of Cajun origin.

We settled on Granny as most would quickly appreciate who were talking about. It also has a soft friendly connotation, at least we thought so.

Thank you for visiting Moving Granny. Our goal is to provide information that will help you navigate some of the challenges of dealing with aging parents and friends, while putting resources at your finger tips.