One of the dilemmas we may face as we age, is assessing our current home and asking, do I stay or do I go?

This conversation in our head might happen as you find yourself as an empty nester and wonder if downsizing makes sense. Or your son or daughter has moved back in and you wished you were an empty nester again!

You may be wrestling with the upkeep of a yard, worrying about safety aspects of clearing snow from the walk and driveway in the winter. When was the last time the eve troughs were cleaned out?

Many individuals don’t want to give up their home. If that is your stance – don’t! Hire someone to cut the grass, shovel the snow, and climb the ladder to get the leaves out of the eves troughs. It doesn’t cost much to have someone come and wash your exterior windows once a year. Talk to friends and ask if they might know of a reliable and honest person or firm to come in and clean your home every couple of weeks.

Others will appreciate downsizing to a condominium. Want to travel? Lock the front door and leave. No worries! Yes there is a monthly assessment you might not like, but it covers the upkeep of the building. There is a owners “board of directors” to make decision on your behalf in setting policy, spending funds, and saving for larger expenses such as a roof. You can get involved and be voted in, or be happy to let others worry about all that stuff.

You may discover it is “time.” Time to give up your home and look at other options. A seniors residence will put you in with others of a similar age group. That could include apartment buildings, town-homes or condo in “retirement communities.” Are you finding it tougher to prepare meals? Then an assisted care facility might make sense. Are there medical issues? That too may dictate the type of facility you would want to seek out.

If you think it time to stay or to go. Talk to family and friends for their advice. It is a decision not to be taken lightly.