The other day I was talking with my friend Gord, asking what he was doing this weekend. He said he was going over to visit with his dad. I asked how old he was, 91 he replied. I asked if he was in a seniors home and he said, no he is still in his own home. He added, the has no intention to leave.

Apparently he has lived in the house for over 50 years and he feels comfortable there. He still putters about, but hires someone to cut the grass and clean the eve-troughs. In the winter he has someone clear snow from his driveway and walkway. It is home, and he is able to surround himself with photos and memories of his wife who passed a way a number of years ago.

Gord’s dad is not alone. More and more seniors are deciding to “stay and age.” The home is fully paid for, so besides taxes and his utilities, he feels it is much more reasonable than an extended care facility, and as Gord recounts, “As long as I’m fit and able to keep the place neat, I’m not going anywhere.”

In fact, more and more governments are encouraging the stay and age mindset. The will provide care professionals to come into the home and assist with any medical conditions. The notion being, it is much less expensive to have someone receive occasional home care, than to occupy a bed in a hospital, or increase demands on already heavily subscribed senior’s facilities.

So if you are one of those wanting to stay and age, or a relative of that individual, you may not have a need for information on this website, but we do appreciate you stopping by and ask you bookmark the site in case circumstances change.

In the meantime, enjoy your home sweet home!

The last line – if health and mental faculties permit, stay and age!